Friday, June 22, 2007

Working with LDAP & AD

PART 1 : (Getting a connection between AD,IplanetLDAP & openLDAP)

Now this time i am planning to share my knowledge about getting a connection between LDAP/AD to your JAVA based Web Application.

Let me tell the requirements first.. You need to have ldapjdk.jar you can download from the following location .

Code snippet for getting connection

netscape.ldap.LDAPConnection ldapconnection = new netscape.ldap.LDAPConnection();

By using the above three lines you can get the connection from LDAP/AD.Where the adminDN will change from LDAP& AD. {Where DN represents Distinguished Name}

Let us see sample adminDN for the above all..

adminDN format for AD ==>"cn=administrator,cn=users,dc=balamurugans,dc=com"

adminDN format for IPlanetLDAP ==>"uid=admin,ou=administrators,ou=topologymanagement,o=netscaperoot"

adminDN format for openLDAP ==>"cn=Bala,dc=balamurugans,dc=com"

Note default port number is "389" for all LDAP.

let us see how to fetch the data from the above LDAP's in my next post.

Using Spring and Hibernate with WebSphere Application Server

Now a days spring & hibernate has became more popular & it saves lots of development time for web application devlopment.Due to that, there is an increase in target users for Spring Framework .Where this article explains how to configure these frameworks for various scenarios with WebSphere Application Server.Note this is updated for Spring Framework 2.1

Click here for more details .

Monday, June 04, 2007

New Innovative Business Portal Solutions: IBM Websphere Portal Strategy

IBM has introduced an exciting new set of WebSphere Portal offerings. Where Larry Bowden, VP of Portals and Web Interaction Services, will review IBM's portal strategy and how customers can augment their existing IT initiatives and investments with a new set of prepackaged portal solutions that address specific business needs. Learn how company can leverage these new offerings to help shorten implementation time and achieve return on investment (ROI) faster.

here to see his webcast event.

10g Oracle Development Kit for Spring

Oracle has come up with their own devlopment kit for Spring devlopment.

These are the benefits from the contents of Oracle Devlopment Kit

  • A comprehensive set of How-To examples illustrating Spring-OC4J integration.

  • The Oracle Developer Depot Web application, which enables you to deploy and run the How-To projects on OC4J

  • A Spring extension to JDeveloper, Oracle's free Java IDE

  • Supporting documentation and white papers

    Hope this will be good news for oracle devlopers.Please share with me if you find any materials related to the same .

    here to get more details

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Using RAD V7 to create & deploy JSR 168 cooperative Portlets

Learn about the cooperative portlet tools available in IBM Rational Application Developer V7 while you create a simple cooperative application and deploy it onto an IBM WebSphere Portal 6.0 server. The focus is on JSR 168 JavaServer Faces portlets, but the authors also briefly discuss Basic and Struts portlets.

Here For More Info