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JSR 168 related:
* JSR 168 SPEC

JSR 286 related:
* JSR 286 SPEC

WebSphere Portlet Factory:
* Startup Tutorial
* WPF eBook
* Best Practices for Creating Portlets with WebSphere Portlet Factory
* IBM Support Portal - WebSphere Portlet Factory
* WebSphere Portlet Factory product documentation
* WebSphere Portlet Factory Samples: Data Services
* Techniques to enhance WebSphere Portlet Factory application performance

WebSphere Portal (General):
* WebSphere Portal Family Wiki
* Portal Performance Troubleshooting
* Installing and configuring WebSphere Portal V6.0 & above Servers for development with RAD V7.0 & RSA V7.0(How to optimize performance and reduce resources consumed)
* IBM WebSphere Portal Demos
* Resources for WebSphere Portal administrators and developers
* Developer Works
* WebSphere Portal Zone
* IBM WebSphere Portal Support

WebSphere Portal 5.1:
* Info Center

WebSphere Portal 6.0:
* Info Center

WebSphere Portal 6.1.x:
* Info Center
* Product Documentation - WebSphere Portal and Lotus WCM
* Theme War Update
* Dojo and WebSphere Portal
* Using and migrating Dojo versions with WebSphere Portal themes
* Installation guide for WP 6.1.5 with WAS 7.0

WebSphere Portal 7.0
* Whats new in WebSphere Portal 7.0
*WebSphere Portal 7 Performance Tips
*Evaluating WebSphere Portal Server 7: A journey Into the WPS Unknown

* Dojo Download path
* Dojo Campus - You can get examples for everything related to DOJO.
* Dojo's Data Grid

My colleague's & other good technical blogs:
* IBM WebSphere Portal Blog
* Punit Pandey Blog
* Neeraj Sidhaye Blog
* Mihir Shah Blog
* SitePen's Blog(Dojo)
* Portlet FAQ

* JSON validator